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BTE Podcast
Background Techno Experience – Techno • Industrial • Dub Techno • Electronic
Category: Techno
Location: Miami
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Michael Vitucci aka Mike Heron, was born in southern Italy, DJ / Musician, music researcher, Demos Selector and Promoter multip...

by Michele Vit...
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December 01, 2014 01:27 AM PST

Uk techno producer. Szare is a great artist.

Lost Shapes ‎(2xLP + CD + Ltd)

Singles & EPs
Szare / Helix (7) / Brooks Mosher* - OHWL#One ‎
Szare, Alex Coulton - Syndrome Z 01 ‎
Horizontal Ground 08
Szare / Cairo (8) vs Svpreme Fiend / Samuli Kemppi - OHWL#Two ‎


November 14, 2014 04:18 AM PST

Berlin based Dj and Producer, label owner of Natch Records and actual resident of Tresor. Synthek releases are supported by many great artists of the international techno scene: DVS1, Inigo Kennedy, Dasha Rush, Marcel Fengler, Jeroen Search, Jonas Kopp to name a few. Always delivering strong and powerful sets, Synthek is characterised by solid mixing skills sharpened through many years of experience behind the decks. After several months of hard work in studio, he completed the first album which will be released in May.

Start djing at 18, performing in some of Italy’s premier Dj booths alongside great acts such as Leroy Thornhill from Prodigy, DJ Billy Nasty, Mark Broom, Markantonio, Kevin Gorman, Tim Xavier, The Advent and many more. During following 2 years he not only excelles as a Dj but places second for two years in a row at the DJ EN contest.
In bid to maximise his skills, Synthek seeks true perfection in his craft and after much sweat and hard work he graduates as a Sound Engineer. Afterwards he moves to London where he keep working on new releases and, organizing events, gives his contribute to the underground music scene of the city.
In 2011 relocates to Berlin, and one year later, with his partner in music Audiolouis, founds Natch Records, vinyl and digital techno label which, in a short time, gets the support of many artists: DVS1, Speedy J, Joseph Capriati, Adam X, Inigo Kennedy, Dasha Rush, AnD, Developer, NX1, Max_M, Rødhad, Henning Baer, Dimi Angelis and more. During the last 2 years his music is released on Translucent, Limited Records, Lcr and Edec Music Outlet. In February 2013 makes his debut in the legendary temple of techno “Tresor”, where a few months later, is hosted the first Natch Records Showcase. From here other gigs at Suicide Circus, Homopatik in About Blank, three more times at Tresor, Odysee, Freqs Of Nature Festival and KB18 in Copenhagen for the second Natch Records Showcase in Europe. In 2014 he became a resident of Tresor Club, taking care of the monthly schedule “New Faces”!!!



Hustlet Muzik 12" : Insert Coin [incl. Ascion Rmx | D.Carbone Rmx | A.Gaia Rmx]
Bosphorus Underground : Rmx for Hollen [incl. A. Alanis Rmx | Miniminds Rmx]
Hustler Muzik 12" : Ze Pequeno [incl. F.Grant Rmx ]
Glider Records : Rmx for Analog People
Hustler Muzik 12" : Public Toilet [incl. Luigi Madonna Rmx]
T-NNEL SERIES: Back Togheter E.P.
Elektrax Recording : Rmx for E.Milozzi
DMR Digital : Jump Into Back E.P.
Natch LTD001 12" : On The Edge [incl. P-God rmx | Frankyeffe Rmx]

October 31, 2014 01:58 AM PDT

SLP is a space traveller from Krasnodar / Russia involved in creation of dubby tech electronica. Already released several issues on such labels as:
SUB AMP, Fuselab, Deep Limit, Load &Clear, SSN. SWMC.
Producing his own tunes SLP combines deep tech pivot, dub vibes and broken grooves, adds some profound ambient matters and mixes it with self-recorded natural sounds. As a result he draws versatile pieces laying somewhere between dub techno, deep house, ambient and glitchy electronica.
Radio Shows: RBMA / Sceen fm / Proton Radio / WOS Radio / / BTE / Oto Radio


Aphex Twin Minipops_67_120_2_source
Mod Civil - Compress
Redshape -Disco_Marauder
Caribou - Our Love
Mod Civil- Opto Watts
Laurent Garnier – ENCHANTe (Original Mix)
Mod Civil - Einfachheit-Gewinnt( Marko Furstenberg Remix)
Stefan Goldmann - Minute Blaze
Kink - Sintezator

October 24, 2014 05:52 AM PDT

Gene Hoffmann has been a passionate and active part of the world techno fraternity since the mid 90’s. He is best known for his dynamic multichannel DJ sets that blend a broad range of techno that appeals to both the mind and feet. He's also noted by some for his oddball sense of humour and for his infectious enthusiasm for techno music in general.

Since 1997 Gene has given his all as an underground techno DJ and occasional promoter. He has shared the stage with almost every international techno heavyweight, and has appeared at countless festivals, underground parties and club nights, including the spiritual home of techno - Tresor. He regularly travels across Australia, Asia and Europe to make noise and drink as much beer as possible.

Gene is a passionate controllerist and music gear junkie, and has been since digital DJing was in its infancy. After learning his trade on turntables for the best part of a decade Gene progressed on to Final Scratch in 2004. The possibilities of digital control combined with a turntabilist’s ethos has helped Gene scape his sound and find his niche.

Gene has been a driving force behind techno brands including Billion Underground, Jesus Horse and Panic Stricken Bovine. He lives in the Australian bush outside of Melbourne and loves nothing more than mixing at home with his mates in his studio. He doesn't seek out weekly gigs anymore, but feels very privileged to be invited to play occasional good quality local, interstate and international techno events, and to share his music to the world techno community via podcast appearances and Soundcloud uploads.


October 16, 2014 01:04 AM PDT

Contrast. Objection. Antithesis. This is how you might start an attempt to describe the world. A seemingly chaos of shapes and thoughts that don't belong to each other. An overall image to be found in life and in music. But that's not Fiedel's view of the world. Where others make distinctions, he sees connections, where others find emptiness, he finds rooms full of opportunities.

Finding those harmonies, connections and contexts marks out his musical work. The synthesis of apparently opposing music, the interaction and the mix of styles and moods, without loosing the storyline, that makes out the characteristic Fiedel sound.
Born and raised in Brandenburg, he finds access to the music through various artists and styles in the mid 1980ies. He was influenced by artists of the old school hip hop like Mantronix and Egyptian Lover and the early works of Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk. A very important influence was Monika Dietls radio show at Radio 4U in West-Berlin. Her show aroused the fascination and the longing for musical freedom and diversity, that was not possible in former Eastern Germany. Those impressions gave him a first feeling, a first vision of what should become alive later on.
After the wall came down, the way was open to access a fresh scene, and with it came a whole spectrum of new and old music to discover. In the beginning of the 1990ies, he started Djing in public as a regular at the Monday events at Subversiv. Shortly after he began his collaboration with his befriended Errorsmith under the name of MMM. They released several productions and play live shows. Since 2000 he is resident at Ostgut and later on at Berghain. On the compilation "Fünf" he had his first solo release on the incorporated Ostgut Ton label. In 2012 he eventually founded his own label Fiedelone, to give his own productions a more personal base. In spring 2014 he developed a live set, which he premiered at Berghain.
You can say one thing about Fiedel: he is no techno or house stereotype pattern, that you can put randomly on a every evening or club. He is lead by his history, the history of the music and the feeling of the moment to build something new and to capture this very moment. Let it be the straight dark techno of today, banging acid of the 80ies or an electro funk record, Fiedel surprises. He undermines and overrides expectations and refrains to limit the music for any reason. He lets the music speak for itself, through himself.


01. Robert Hood - Motion Detector - M-Plant 309-2
02. Jonas Kopp - Anklad - Krill 001
03. Cosmin TRG - Vernacular - Fizic 01
04. Marcel Dettmann - Apron (PAS Tubed Mix 2) - MDR 13
05. Tobias. - He Said (Blue Hour Remix) - O-Ton 080
06. Oscar Mulero - Epley Maneuver - WUPS 1
07. Surgeon - Fixed Action Pattern - Token 46
08. Cleric - Penrose - Arts 007
09. Johannes Heil - Transition Six - Figure 58
10. Manic Brothers - Shifting Dub - Bond 004
11. Joey Beltram - Game Form (Mike Dearborn Remix) - Tresor 05
12. Truncate - Dial (Ben Sims Remix) - Truncate Rmx 1
13. Bandulu - Judgement (Part 2) - Foundation Soundworks 006
14. Marcel Fengler - Sculptures - Mote Evolver 017
15. Jamie Bissmire - First Sighting - Eukatech 055

Fiedel - Miese Maschine. FIEDELONE 3 (02/2014)
Fiedel - Grunewald2 (Part of Various). Ostgut Ton 070 (08/2013)
Fiedel - Trinidad. FIEDELONE 2 (05/2013)
Fiedel - Ferro. FIEDELONE 1 (11/2012)
Fiedel - Doors To Manual (Part of Fünf). Ostgut CD15/LP07 (11/2010)

Your Silent Face - A Place Where Arms Bend Backwards (Fiedel's Rework). FIEDELTWO 1 (12/2013)

October 02, 2014 03:30 AM PDT

Mercenary producer currently affiliated with Mira, Komisch, Opal Tapes and the like.
Formerly 'mysterious' anonymous techno producer turned slightly less anonymous techno producer.
Also part of Forward Strategy Group & Blacknecks.



Stride by Stride - Opal Tapes
Singles & EPs
Part Two - Mira - Mira 002
Part One - Mira - Mira 001
Contour Grip - Komisch
Sun Spool Ep - TSAR003

September 26, 2014 12:49 AM PDT

He began his investiture in the world of electronic music influenced from an early age.
In only eight years began to take their first steps into the music, the electric guitar was the first instrument to pass through their hands.
The music started to become part of his life, that was the beginning of two thousand four, when he decided to change the guitar for the dishes and other musical style, including its musical virtues of fidelity.
His musical influences come from artists like Front 242, Aphex Twin, The Prodigy, Nitzer Ebb, Nirvana, among many others.
In his eight-year career as a Dj has experienced a variety of musical styles, sharing tastes and styles.
This artist and producer has become a very versatile dj with trends focused and dialed in his sets.
Paul has shared the stage with artists such as: Dj Pepo, Reeko, Mark Broom, Maral Samassi, David Moleon, Fran Acuña, DJ Frederick, Ivan Devero, J.leyend, Alfonso Sanchez, Elektrikall,, J-AlQantara, Raul Pacheco, Aphonico , Rafael Cardenas, Moy Detroit, among many others.
Acting in different clubs and festivals such as: Room Mattrix (Badajoz) On (Cáceres) Status Lounge (Caceres) Living Project (Madrid) Electrotech Festival (Oviedo) Sala Jackal (Salamanca) Traspyd Room (Valladolid) New Garden (Valladolid) Space Factory ( Burgos) Street Beat Festival (Toledo) Disco Zona.Libre (Malaga) 
In the year two thousand and eight is when he became interested in the field of music production and combine the task of Dj and producer.
The idea and its creations consist industrial nuanced style and is based on the tastes and trends of a dark style, experimental and forceful, always trying to find a style pure techno style.
At present, in two thousand twelve is recognized nationally and internationally through the support of great artists and labels around the world, remixing and working with major artists of the electronic scene.
He edited his productions on major labels as: Elektrax, Labrynth, Armatura, Disclosure, Emphatic, Subspecies and many more coming to this day to have published over a hundred tracks en digital and vinyl.
Paul is the manager / Induxtriall Records label manager who was brought to light in the year two thousand eleven, seal level and tries to bring to life the dark and industrial techno.
In the already edited up until this day have edited renowned artists such as: Concrete Djz, Stanislav Tolkachev, Kuniaki Takenaga, Tuomas Rantanen, Jose Pouj, Iñaki Villasante, among many others.


H. Paul - Operario 1032
Jose Pouj - CIE-9
H. Paul - Temporary Insanity
Ø [Phase] - Dirtro II
Unam Zetineb - Agmattore
Reeko - Enlightenment
Planetary Assault Systems - Function 4 - Shifted remix
Lucy & Silent Servant - Dormancy Survivors
Pulse One - Irrational Concept
Demon.I/O - T-800 - H. Paul remix
Raiz - Deceit - Edit Select remix
George Apergis - Ekhowax - NX1 remix
Sigha - Escene Couple
Hard Division - Consumed Room - David Reina remix
Pulse One - Force & Form
Zair & David Mejias - Fall into the Vold
Yan Cook - Intruder - Egor Boss remix
Demon.I/O - Hope
Tomohiko Sagae - Postgamum Depression
H. Paul - The triumph of the Wild - Stingrays remix
Inigo Kennedy - Pithead
Rraph - R10 - Advanced Human remix
Craft - The Spatialization of Time
Dubit - Cubik

September 20, 2014 12:45 AM PDT

Miruga from Japan. A great artist of the dub techno scene, one of the greatest exponents of the Japanese movement. A popular producer, full of energy that infuses his magic dub music. His music is pure beauty and pure mysticism. Today is about BTE with a live set of all tracks of his.

Among his productions include:
Miruga - Meeting Of The Mind
Miruga - Colder
Miruga - Colder (Marko Fürstenberg reshape)
Miruga - Obscure
Miruga - Liquid
Jack D & Miruga - GODFATHER


September 13, 2014 01:57 AM PDT

Michele Vitucci aka Mike Heron, was born in Bari in Southern Italy, DJ/Producer, Researcher music, and Promoters for many labels, Owner of BTE Records and BTE Podcast ( BACKGROUND TECHNO EXPERIENCE ), currently one of the first and best of techno music podcast in the world. Mike Heron is a shadowy figure, an alias given birth from the dark recesses of the imagination of Michele Vitucci. The DJ set by Michele Vitucci are characterized by playing a unique sound to a global audience. Instead, the sound of Mike Heron is due to a sophisticated, song -based approach, characterized by elaborate micro- rhythms, thick bassline with music, from complex arrangements, from the haunting tonal melodies and dark, and introspective atmospheres. Influenced by the Techno movement in the 90s' is an expert in techno and electronic music and all its derivations. He has conducted research for all musical film by renowned filmmaker Alessandro Piva, and for some films of Sergio Rubini, he has produced music for several short films and video advertising. He shared the console in almost 20 years in business with the best Italian and international DJs like Ralf, Flavio Vecchi, Ricky Montanari, Kenny Dope, Tom Stephan, Barbara Tucker, Ost & Kjex, Luke Hess, Bas Mooy, Blawan, Skudge, Francesco Farfa, Mike Dehnert, Perc, Sigha, Truncate, DVS1, Silent Servant, Shifted, Adam X, Developer, James Ruskin, Inigo Kennedy, Darren Quail, Deadbeat, Abstract Division, Redshape, Rodhad, Truss, Regis, Jeff Mills, Ben Sims, Dasha Rush, Etapp Kyle ...... and many more ! Resident DJ of the now historic FARFLY Festival in Puglia. In January of 2015 will be released the 04 of Mike Heron release of BTE Records. After a few years of waiting on the heels of acclaim and received countless feedback on artistic choices start with BTE Podcast , was born BTE Records. The excellent statistics have made a podcast niche podcasts BTE what was said in a podcast recorded at the global level over one million and two hundred thousand plays over the five years of life. Supported in full by hundreds of visiting artists who are the true lifeblood of the project, it was decided to give life to this label , which is the natural extension of a musical journey that has finally found its way . BTE Records is an endless journey into the lands of that revolution sound called techno, sensory experience , a neutral background on which to track milestones , cults and dark areas , living in the techno thousand different variations . BTE Records produces music inspired by an industrial sound , with sturdy bass line , from basic arrangements , with shades of dub - techno, and introspective atmospheres.

Contacts e booking:


Partial Arts - Taifa - Kompakt
Function - Psychic Warfare - Ostugut Ton
Resoe - Outer Dimension - Field
Remote - Echo of You - Field
Fred P. - Distant Rain - Mule Musiq
XDB - Afrikk - Echocord
Darko Esser - Slightly Disturbed (Sandwell District rmx) - Balans
Vatican Shadow - Al Qaeda - Hospital
Van Bonn - Valid - Trapez
Iori - Cut - Field
Claudio PRC - Echoes - Prologue
Headless Horseman - Decapitation - Headless Horseman
Trus'me - I want you (A.Fitzpatrick rmx) - Prime Numbers
Ness - RK First Stage - M_REC LTD
Claudio PRC - Kar - Prologue
Christian Wunsch - Flourescence - PoleGroup
Tozzy - Subterrel - Hypnus
Van Bonn - Polygraph - Trapez
Slam - Pattern A3 (Bleak rmx) - Soma
Marcel Dettmann - Lattice - MDR
Function - Against the Wall - Ostugut Ton
Marcel Dettmann - Wound Up (Wincent Kunth rmx) - Ostugut Ton
Ben Klock - Pulse - Klockworks
Mike Heron - Blurred Lines (Aubrey rmx) - BTE promo
ORPHX - Stillpoint - Sonic Groove
Tozzy - Anoat - Hypnus

Photo: Julian Walter

July 09, 2014 07:16 AM PDT

People believe that in the fields of deep research that one is ready to drill to the core of a matter; of course there are also those like Freund der Familie that demonstrate how far you can go. The ability to probe from the surface is in this discipline a remarkable quality.

Behind the "Freund der Familie" (including the house and yard) is Klaus Rakete and the Mirko Hunger, who originally from the most varied genre patronage have drawn their inspiration. Overcome by the musical chemistry of their fellowship, the two decided with a hive-mind ethos to share the benefits with each other. Since 2007 the upkeep of the house and cultivation of the yard has happened at the same address (label & project); this is their priority.

Independent from the prefabricated sound-type, the duo studied both with the label marker and the production process the various methods of the power of deepness. The means for the sonic vividness come from a cosmos of euphoria, spirituality, half-light and melancholic positivity. The characteristic polymorph-concoctions are designed with a cornucopia of deconstructive and fringe elements as gestures of contemplation with a selection of endless echo-craters, massive delays, swinging bass, melodic outlines, tradition-aware creeping rhythms and low-pressure techno deepness.

Anything seems possible in this exploration of genuine music-for-the-heart for both body and soul. The listener/dancer dives into a reality of disembodied music made from organic ornaments, lead through an order of things without limit.

26.07.14 DRAUSSEN , X (DEU)


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